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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Hoping to Open Presents Before Christmas

Hoping to Open Presents Before Christmas


Joris John Heise

Each day begins a clean approach to God—
A web spun of new worlds which all appear
Past pain and passion as you find again your lives
That died now rising from their winter sleeps
As shapes of clay re-shape—so God comes back.

Each day repeats: that God fetches Father-love,
That we are waiting His time of accepting gifts’
That each day’s a present-paper-peeling and
Unwrapping of fragile gifts, the making choice
Of what we do with what we got from God.

We’re freedom forming in encircling Hands—
He pokes in pressures, to create a fleshed-
In soul who wakes; He heals our clay-chaos
Which ebbs from jealousy, to stand again in faith,
To be beginnings for each other’s hopes.

We wait—and, waking to His surety, we make
His Second Coming come to wounded needs,
Where being born again is each day’s joy,
And all admit God’s patient Parenthood works
Beyond the dream of gift-wrapped mere things.

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