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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Heaven? It Means Surprise.

Heaven? It Means Surprise.


Joris John Heise

You cannot buy stair ways to heaven
Nor eat through golden arches up
Some yellow brick road to paradise.

But neither can a stubborn faith in ritual
Produce the kind of cut-through-crap
True heaven woke in Peter seeing Jesus.

* * *

Angle-Saxon heofon and Hebrew shemayim*
Bespeak a penetration to truths hidden
In rare and lovely laughter eyes donít see-

Far past the downs, the deaths, the tragic flaws
That tire thighs, age shoulders, bend our hearts
From ecstasies appearing in the quiet present here now.


In prayer, we see with new eyes Elijah and our Chris,
Amanda Apesos and Marie Knight, amazed at the truths
Of their hope layered, then thickened with love.

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