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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Healing Family Resentments

Healing Family Resentments


Joris John Heise

Though families fight, a silent hate might fume
For years, a smoldering fire in some old mine;
It lurks like garlic garnering luscious Cheerios .
Resentments residing through large and little things
In day-to-day moments of care mooded out of shape.

Escape--through healing--waits to help hurt hearts—
A change of course, a true new way
Of road-mapping, restoring us towards Home,
Our Jerusalem, our golden place, our Great Joy,
Wherein lives grow well mollified, reconciled.

It comes to pass by the plow of fresh plots around
Our firmest old beliefs—past old Jewish law
Of eye-for-eye, or rigid Roman rule.
To find that faith that wakes up new days,
And forge forgiveness awake, asleep--

So tired eyes smile and tear up, a harvest happens
Genial sheaves of hugged joy against our hearts.

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