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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Good Friday - Julie Angry at Me

Good Friday - Julie Angry at Me


Joris John Heise

Some deaths touch us notó
A news report, a distant cousin,
A shadow of someone long, long gone,
A history lesson, a retired someone.

In other deaths, no one dies dead,
But dead they are to us,
Their absence looming
And our tears shed as hard, or harder.

Their gone-ness voids our time with emptiness,
With horror, too, that once-loved they are not,
And their laughter on the tape is hardest yet
Because the laughter is laughter stilled for us.

No hand in the hair, no gentle jibes,
No catching eyes crinkling with unspoken fun,
No, nor time in silent, cozy snugness
Of warm bodies being next to mine.

Each Good Friday hurts hard and harsh,
Tears unwelcome and necessary knell
Departure from this life of ours
In mourning, mournful toll of pain.

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