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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Facing Evil Makes Us Aware of God

Facing Evil Makes Us Aware of God


Joris John Heise

You hammer heads with the mystery of murders:
Frivolous deaths of young, innocent and aged ones,
And the smooth corruption of confident Nixon-minds,
The woe-on-woe that piles on, with sheer more years,
And faith that peels away, like slum wallpaper,
As some slow, gradual, glacial evil avalanches into chaos.

You scourge and burr us, God, You reach hot hand for us,
To force our face against the furnace of our souls
Where heat and cold knot confused, hearts get sold
In compromise, and cowardice comes from good;
We twist off steel keys in doors of half-right words
That rape rthern than making medicine of love.

It takes such relentless press to keep loving true,
A steady stream of Damascus swords to chisel us
From rock-bound craven cave of jail-bird state;
It takes a more-than-niceness cleaving us
Towards commitment deep as Sinaiís root
And changing us into a Child re-born to life.

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