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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Deaf, Blind, Crippled%E2%80%94and Young!

Deaf, Blind, Crippled%E2%80%94and Young!


Joris John Heise

I mind much that many men do not hear—
Old Ted and tired Marion need repeatings,
But not from deafness nor defective ears,
But from cut-short souls so sunk in self
These many years of fear-formed choices—

I mind, too, that untold eyes do not look—
These blind, cruel fledglings and their snippy-voiced parents,
These over-cautious folk who fritter love away
On things over-wanted, on mere presents for Christmas
When Sight would show they simply want right love.

I mind that cripples pamper past wounds—
They prefer a silly-sad, pity-me ego
To all the healing, raising, loving courage
Done definitely, caressingly, dangerously,
Divine presence pressing them to grow onward up.

And I mind my mind that, judging them, misses so much;
I, this blind-deaf-crippled me! Let’s laugh at real leastness,

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