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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Computer People and Advent

Computer People and Advent


Joris John Heise

Computer-like humans crash
At any sense of Sundays;
Tapped keys, seen screens can’t count
On a true feel of I-Thou and pray-presence;
It’s absence in their soul to face
Another human face--that raw truth;

They’re program people--fit just for
"Just the facts, Ma’am"--such serial logic.
They miss readiness for real mystery,
Reluctant to lose control to larger worlds.

Prayer’s the flavor of your freedom, God,
In some Thou, a you here—
A you who, wrestling true doubts, deep tears,
Allows mutual love and grit-hate--
The are of you—that you and I begin to grasp
The with-ness of a good God,
That Master-Loaf-Warden of Heavenly Hosts—
Beyond the profound bond between mere humans.

Some there are who, reducing readiness
For what God might mean to them,
Build box homes for boxed lives in boxes of their mind
And so refuse rapture and ecstasy—
To be--and to find themselves, dead-end down.
Those, though, who are withing-one-another,
Find perpetual hope to feed and be fed,
Unraveling this world’s worst knots
To easily accept angel messages,
To welcome God--thereby-among-us.

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