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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - Abraham%E2%80%99s Sacrifice & Jesus%E2%80%99 Transfiguration

Abraham%E2%80%99s Sacrifice & Jesus%E2%80%99 Transfiguration


Joris John Heise

True choosings flash abrupt light so quick
They link lost times with our present eyes;
A lovèd child dreams a dazzling life
And finds it, finds it facing Cross, accepting risk.

The step of setting forth counts half of it—
That eager old-man Abram exiting
To act his heart, and write a life as long as stars shine,
Exploring unknown patches promised him.

That old man’s seed of grace he’s passed to us:
"Love more your inner law—that game, raw Word,
Which’s heard inside. Abandon halvs of truth,
Then, rise through lichened stones to shine forever."

The secret’s in clear-hearing You through the fogs:
You call to act as God’s child, despite death’s sure.
Match compelling love with drastic nerve:
To turn old deaths to ever-fresh eternities.

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