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The Web Poetry Corner - Joris John Heise - A New Day Dawns

A New Day Dawns


Joris John Heise

Our world jails us, with thick, pressing cares—
Concerns for kids, for jobs, breast-lumps
Relentless bills, and "will-it-rain soon?"—
Concerns a growing-gray November brings.
These days are the covers we’d prefer
To huddle under at six a.m.
When still another work-day dawns.

Our world, though, stays waiting, in its throes
For betterment, for Who and What
Is Good to strike against dreary cares
And wrestle them into lesser loads
That we can face—their grayness—grab and shoulder them—
Then throw back the covers, shrug off our fears
Each work-day dawn.

Some saint comes with coffee which we need,
And heals our hopelessness with one smiling glance;
Such truth they tell begets a kind of spring-tree
That shelters, shades, and feeds us, too,
Against our night-weights of tired defeats.
Let us be--let us intend to be--that saint,
This work-day dawn
For others.

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