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The Web Poetry Corner - John Redmond - My Daddy was a GI

My Daddy was a GI


John Redmond

My daddy was a GI from the US of A
He went to fight the enemy in a big land far away
He left my mom cryin her eyes were full of tears
And I never knew I had a daddy for over 50years

I have wondered what my daddy was like
Was he big and was he tall
For I am just a big man like an old country wall
My eyes they are bright blue my hair is blonde and fair
Is this just how my daddy looked that night he was standing there

I never even met my mom and my daddy in all these years
And my heart has been full of sorrow and my eyes were full of tears
When I saw the children dancin and their hearts were full of joy
I wondered if my mom or daddy knew of their little boy

Well nearly 60years have passed and my eyes still fill with tears
And I will search the whole world over in my remaining years
To try and find my daddy just to maybe hear him say
Hello bigman I missed you and loved you every day
I ask you Lord to help me to find my daddy who must be old
My mom is already beside you and my story is nearly told

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