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The Web Poetry Corner - Jessica Lloyd - There for me

There for me


Jessica Lloyd

"I'll always be there for you" that's what he said,
but now he's not, he's just in my head.
There one minute, but then he's gone,
He once said life was a con.

Years ago, he was there for me, when I needed him,
and he got into a lot of trouble for his sin.
But I knew the rumours were not true,
he was only trying to look after me, give him his due.

But then apart, his life started to fall,
and he turned to me, and gave me a call.
I tried to help him, as best I could,
but in hinesight, it was no good.

He had already decided what he'd do,
and little did I know it was all true.
I didn't know he'd be such a fool,
I thought he'd snap out of it, and just be cool.

But how wrong was I, how stupid was he,
this isn't the way life should be.
He had a great job, and a great wife,
he had things to live for, he had a life.

However he's gone, in just a few minutes,
no-one can believe it, he had his limits.
Only a few years ago, he stopped me taking my life,
and now here I am, comforting his wife.

But I have good memories, stuck in my mind,
of times he looked after me, he was so kind.
No-one ever said a bad word against him,
he always went out on a limb.

But one thing's for sure, he was a great man,
and whenever I needed him, a distance he ran.
He would always be there for me, he would stop what he was doing,
and to me, he would always come running.

I'll miss you Mark, I really will,
many hearts you really did fill.
I'll never forget you, I'll always be true,
And to be honest, I wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for you.

Dedicated to Mark, who sadly committed suicide on 1st June 2001.
With Love Always

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