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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Youthful Offenders Act

Youthful Offenders Act


James Bredin

The Youth Criminal Justice Act was written to tease,
And allow sixteen year old criminals to do as they please,
Those politicians who voted for this should be exposed,
The names of criminals and details should also be disclosed.

Where those terrorists who built bombs canít be named,
They have Charter Rights and therefore canít be shamed,
Because theyíre under eighteen the Juvenile Act says,
They have to be treated gently and politely these days.

Incompetent politicians and soft-on-crime appointees,
Judges and prosecutors do anything to appease,
And nothing can be disclosed because of the publication ban,
Itís all part of their pious pompous left wing plan.

Because the system is sacred and cannot be changed,
No referendums and no recall will ever be arranged,
An election every five or six years will have to do,
Young criminals get bail and walk without much of a review.

And who ever said that Canadians had a right to know?
Not in the Charter written by Chretien and Trudeau,
No property right either while democracy bereft,
Odious orthodoxies of their socialist far-out left.

Terrorist refugees on the incoming flights,
Each and every one of them claiming Charter Rights,
Thanks to the Charter imposed without a referendum,
And not signed by Quebec but this is no conundrum.

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