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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Walk away from the United Nations

Walk away from the United Nations


James Bredin

Is it possible to close down the United Nations?
Propaganda allegations and accusations,
Couldnít stop Saddamís oil for food sad scandal,
Canít stop bomb terrorists who are so suicidal.

Representatives from Africa wall to wall,
From every national hovel no matter how small,
Places that have wars and famines on a daily basis,
To suggest a change could get you called a racist.

The auditorís second interim report stopped in its tracks,
Evidence gone through the shredder so the UN can relax,
And just like sad sack Saddamís oil for food scam,
No one at the UN seems to know or give a damn.

This organization pushed the Kyoto regime,
Hidden global taxation and itís a UN dream,
Smoke screen here, delays there, corruption up to the neck,
Americans and Australians not in, if you care to check.

Immunity benefits, salaries and legal fees paid,
Thereís no reason for this clique to ever be afraid,
Add to that the fact that whistle blowers get the shaft,
Banished, exiled, replaced, sent away and laughed at.

The greatest ripoff in the history of mankind,
And many representatives pretend that they are blind,
Bound down by their politically-correct strife,
Trapped by a clique who conspire to stay for life.

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