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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN soldiers in Afghanistan

UN soldiers in Afghanistan


James Bredin

UN peace-keeping guys appear like soldiers on parade,
Sitting ducks for a suicide bomber with a grenade,
I hate to be the one to burst the UN bubble,
But someone has to tell them about this awful trouble.

These days the UN seems to be stuck in the mud,
Canít stop any war though they should if they could,
Soldiers in Afghanistan getting killed by the hour,
Brave dead young guys in coffins who didnít cower.

How many more coffins will we carry to the grave yard?
How many more will sing: O Canada, we stand on guard,
At what point do we finally say, weíve had enough?
Letís cut our losses and call it off or call the UN bluff.

This is not WW1 with a hundred thousand brave dead,
Buried on battlefields in France with stones overhead,
Thereís no battlefields in Afghanistan and no peace to keep,
Indeed it could be the UN death knell or are we all asleep?

Leave Afghanistan to themselves and they can kill each other.
Let them cry for their own father, mother, brother,
We can sit back here in our splendid isolation,
Avoid UN peacekeeping at every temptation.

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