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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN and Kyoto on a wing and a prayer

UN and Kyoto on a wing and a prayer


James Bredin

Environmentalists scream and holler all the time,
With weird strange statistics at the turn of a dime,
The lakes are going down and the seas are rising up,
And weíre all going to turn the color of catchup.

And it might happen overnight with no warning,
And we might all wake up dead in the morning,
Their UN Kyoto Accord is the only way to go,
Liberals did it to us almost ten years ago.

Our economy linked to Kyoto is abnormal,
And our government seems to be stuck and itís formal,
The corrupt adscam Liberals with all their pompous pride
Itís a communist Kyoto UN plot worldwide.

The Americans and Australians didnít go along,
China and India got excused from this throng,
But Canadians got sucked in and now canít get out,
Misguided Liberal altruism without a doubt.

Why should we help Swiss-account dictators far away?
Locked to Liberal adscam agenda in disarray,
Global taxation by UN Kyoto back door,
As they scream for more from the General Assembly floor.

Goody-two-shoe politicians with obligations,
Looking for a job with improved UN relations,
From Ottawa to New York in one swift move,
Shred all the evidence and have it all removed.

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