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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN Peace Keeping Missions

UN Peace Keeping Missions


James Bredin

Canadaís bureaucracy at the UN has been reduced,
Despite the large numbers the adscam Liberals introduced,
UN proposals are mostly vetoed but theyíre not too bright,
Various camps veto each other completely out of sight.

A constant UN exercise in bureaucratic futility,
Which sometimes can cause extreme international hostility,
The war in Afghanistan is only one small sample,
Dead UN observers in Lebanon is another example.

And Saddamís oil for food has been completely shredded,
No evidence of where the billions went or where they were headed,
And no one is allowed to question UN ethics,
Or find out whose side they might be on in these antics.

There are no front lines but Canadians are being killed,
Our UN peace keepers over there all so well drilled,
Suicide bombers kill our soldiers in those conditions,
And all it does is improve UN political ambitions?

There is no honorable victory and little debate,
No peace keeping there since Alexander the Great,
The British and the Russians realized this and left,
It was years and centuries ago and they all left bereft.

Why should we be involved in their ethnic wars and affairs?
If they want to kill each other over there; who cares?
Thatís right; the UN wants us up to our necks and involved,
They have their own agenda and weíre going to get it solved.

Can we withdraw our troops and live in splendid isolation?
The war on terrorism canít be won with soldiers on station,
There is no battlefield and they wonít come out and fight,
Their uniform is a suicide bomb belt out of sight.

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