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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - UN, Guns, Climate, Disease and you

UN, Guns, Climate, Disease and you


James Bredin

About this forthcoming climate change; should we dig a hole?
Await Kyoto instructions or have they lost control?
Because the seas might rise and the lakes might fall,
Should we stay up all night and remain on call?

Americans and Australians refused to be involved,
Because they know that nothing is going to be solved,
And you and I will fix the problems over there,
Increased taxes for dictators on a wing and a prayer.

While they kill each other with K47s they buy,
With the money we send them and there’s no need to lie,
And their secret Swiss bank accounts will also jump,
Just pay your high taxes you obedient chump.

They also want our soldiers and no hysteria please,
With starvation, AIDS, TB, typhus and malaria fleas,
Are our troops immune to all these strange conditions?
Whose side are we on - dictatorial politicians?

Which religious group should we go and defend?
Which pompous dictator should we call a friend?
Should we just tell them that our intentions are good?
And none of this fighting and killing is understood.

And at the United Nations, they can do no wrong,
That Saddam oil-for-food scandal -- shredded and long gone,
And that Second Interim Report must have been a lie,
The UN is eternal and there’s no need to deny.

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