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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto the Good Maybe

Toronto the Good Maybe


James Bredin

Toronto is "relatively" safe, politicians say,
Amid the constant sound of gun shots night and day,
Per capita murder rate is down according to stats,
The others all nodded those obedient bureaucrats.

Itís the lack of proper programs at public expense,
Especially for fatherless boys and it makes so much sense,
Where single mothers on welfare are the norm,
This problem can be solved and everyone reformed.

In their hi rise ghettos with strange drawings on the wall,
Maybe a pompous program of midnight basketball,
And fatherless boys will change and suddenly see the light,
That socialist communist politicians are right.

These politicians donít have a hidden agenda,
Count the homeless panhandlers for propaganda,
They only want to tax and spend and travel for life,
Pamper fatherless boys carrying a gun or a knife.

Canít put them in jail because the justice system is soft,
And their legal aid lawyers have so often scoffed,
The system is at fault and it should be changed,
More midnight basketball for these boys should be arranged.

Release all the prisoners before the next election,
So they will vote for the proper socialist selection,
But why bother; they can all still do that in jail,
Proof that pompous socialist politicians prevail.

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