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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto the Good

Toronto the Good


James Bredin

Half the people in Toronto are working day and night,
The other half are stuck in gridlock traffic out of sight,
The politicians at City Hall are up to their necks,
Counting homeless criminals which could be complex.

As they tax, travel, spend and pompously pretend,
Though gun shots in the night they still can’t comprehend,
They said they’d fix these problems with the nightly guns fights,
And everyone could claim Trudeau-Chretien Charter Rights.

And just for that they periodically doubled their pay,
No recall, no referendums and they never go away,
They cater to their ethnic power base so they stay,
Have an answer to every question because of their survey.

So they made a declaration that they were the best,
Add soft-on-crime judges and don’t get too depressed,
And if you happen to get shot on the street at night,
You should not have been there and you’re not very bright.

The routine nightly murders are listed daily on page eight,
Never on page one and there’s no need for debate,
The mayor is probably in Paris being busy over there,
He carries a cell phone so he’s never unaware.

No air of desperation and no changes in sight,
The street people have taken over with all their might,
Panhandlers by the dozen at every bend in the street,
No peace and tranquility and no need to be discreet.

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