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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Political Scene

Toronto Political Scene


James Bredin

They want to count all the cute creatures of the street,
Census of panhandlers and homeless who sleep on concrete,
They want some volunteers to count these street people soon,
Before the next election or tomorrow at high noon.

They call it anti social behaviour - not crime,
They seldom get charged these days and never do time,
Since Trudeauís Charter and appointed Supreme Court types,
That plus some Human Rights Commissionsí left-wing hypes.

All this amid the thunder sound of shots in the night,
Pompously declare that everything is alright,
So what if crime statistics tend to climb through the roof,
Just declare the city safe and thatís all the proof.

As proud panhandlers and haughty homeless wander around,
Annoying normal people that they then tend to surround,
Itís the police who are at fault for the problems out there,
Not communist socialist politicians above the Square.

Not the homeless nor the panhandlers with their hands out,
They donít commit crimes and of this there is no doubt.
We donít need bigger jails; in fact we donít need jails at all,
We need programs for the poor so they can have a ball,

Theyíre going to throw some more money the activistsí way,
But donít dare fix the problem or it might go away,
The police are not involved so have pride in yourself,
This will be a grand report to age on a shelf.

We need supervised places where they can do their drugs,
Places that are safe for these needle pushing thugs.
Politicians for the homeless want to keep their day jobs,
But donít enforce the law on any of these mobs.

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