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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Toronto Political Dreams and Schemes

Toronto Political Dreams and Schemes


James Bredin

The gun problem didnít happen suddenly overnight,
Started about the time of Trudeauís Charter of Rights,
Fatherless babies arrived on welfare by the score,
Each increased unwed motherís benefits galore.

Where fathers are not needed and a drag on their schemes,
Could interfere with unwed mothersí lifelong dreams,
Free apartment, hydro and parking with her many friends,
Some of whom have fatherless babies in the tens.

Troubled teens they call them as if they were alright,
Those who rob, rape, steal or kill anything in sight,
They canít even be identified and thatís a fact,
Because of the crazy Youth Criminal Justice Act.

You canít ask questions directly about these choices,
They are part of the charade and the helpless voices,
The farce of democracy gone mad but hidden from display,
Socialist appointees make decisions every day.

No common sense revolution ever allowed here,
Not in the ghetto, where reality is mixed with fear,
Add the soft system where so few go to jail,
Fatherless boysí status improves after getting bail.

Then add guns and drugs and a sub culture of gangs,
That noise in the night is the gunshots going bang,
At what point do you think, that we should think about change?
But how to shake the status quo and rearrange?

Add soft politicians, homeless, panhandlers and hookers,
Half a mile thump thump from cars of the onlookers,
And if you say something you might be shot - thatís all,
No hanging, no justice, no referendums or recall.

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