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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The UN, Hezbollah and War

The UN, Hezbollah and War


James Bredin

The UN wants to be involved in the Middle East affairs.
A debating society where no one really cares,
They’ve been deceived by the fallacy of their own importance,
Regularly refuse the reality and their impotence.

They’ve been in the Arab-Israeli maelstrom five times,
As they try to interfere with ongoing terrorist crimes,
Send peace keepers here and there to fix this and that,
As useless and pretentious as a welcome mat.

The now the UN has been proven useless once more,
As in Rwanda -- half a million -- and then Darfur,
And now even Hezbollah has defied the UN too,
Because they act independent, this rich terrorist crew.

So sending rockets into Israel is now okay,
So negotiate with Hezbollah, politicians say,
Do terrorists change their spots in the middle of the night?
Will the UN tell them that they agree with their fight?

And the UN will soon be just like the League of Nations,
An obscure useless memory of forgotten relations,
History tends to repeat itself and it all happened before,
Terrorists and dictatorships always wanting war.

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