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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Trudeau Chretien Charter

The Trudeau Chretien Charter


James Bredin

They wrote their Charter for "EVERYONE", Ben Laden included,
Though he’s hiding in an Afghanistan mountain secluded,
We the people were not asked about this or given a chance,
The Queen signed it and we all watched TV as though in a trance.

The Trudeau/Chretien Charter did not give us property rights,
No referendums, no recall to their appointees’ delights,
It did not allow us to question these High Court appointees,
Their decisions are right and eternal and no questions please.

Their Charter did not allow for political term limits,
Which means they can stay for life to increase their benefits,
And although it gave us the right to assemble,
If you don’t assemble and be a member, you may tremble.

And proportional representation is never allowed,
We obey like a herd of sheep while we’re told to be proud,
And drunk or useless representatives cannot be recalled,
It doesn’t matter if all his/her constituents are appalled.

Their Charter did not allow for set election dates,
They can manipulate sessions and stay with little debates,
And free votes in Parliament are seldom if ever allowed,
It’s the party line for the brain dead sheep inside a cloud.

And don’t you dare ask if their Charter might be changed,
They’ll look at you as if you’re sick, demented or deranged,
We’re in Afghanistan having a fight with Ben Laden’s crowd,
Suicide bombers with Charter Rights that send us home in a shroud.

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