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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Police Complaint System

The Police Complaint System


James Bredin

Ontario Liberals love their new appointees,
Agency to investigate and bring cops to their knees,
The special-interest socialist crowd at Queens Park,
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by lochey organize so they can bark.

First make sure their special legislation is passed,
To accept complaints from rapists and criminals fast,
Left-wing politicians can then announce and declare,
Employ more friends for useless bureaucracy; so there!

They donít like law and order and they donít like the cops,
They count the homeless and panhandlers, they consider tops
Build a complaint bureaucracy of appointed friends,
So people will vote for them and their socialist trends.

It will cost a hundred million but thatís okay,
And the cops canít use their guns no more - no way,
Because robbers and criminals and rapists have rights,
To complain to the new bureau at any time of night.

Every town and village will have an anti-police place,
Down the street from the police station just in case,
And the cops better realize that the game is up,
Liberals with hidden agenda have had enough.

As they build statistics and organizational charts,
Events close to their socialist communist hearts,
Anti-police special-interest groups well organized,
That plus the fido factor and weíll get acclimatized.

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