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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The New Religion of Kyoto

The New Religion of Kyoto


James Bredin

Will it make the Saddam oil-for-food scandal look tame?
Americans and Australians not in this UN game,
China and India got themselves excused,
Donít they cause pollution too or are we confused?

Ex Prime Minister Chretien got us all involved,
The next Prime Minister Martin was just as resolved,
And now Prime Minister Harper seems to have stalled,
Are we in; are we out or should we be appalled?

As a developed country we will pay the investment,
To undeveloped countries who will love the commitment,
To Third World Swiss-account dictators by the score,
Well represented at the UN as they roar for more.

Climate change terror and dread has recently taken hold,
We will either roast in hell or maybe freeze in the cold,
Another government bureaucratic boondoggle rigged,
And the people looking around havenít yet twigged.

Itís a new Kyoto religion for those committed,
Where the new true believers have totally submitted,
In their closed-door sessions they may soon decide,
And itís better not to know what this will provide.

Will $billions to UN dictators get us off the hook?
Even though they are mostly Swiss-account crooks,
Will it stop the ice melting and the pollution will go?
And the Third World will be happy as they spend all our dough

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