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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The New Religion

The New Religion


James Bredin

The new religion of the socialist left has arrived,
Kyoto Accord they dreamt up and contrived,
The Americans and Australians are not in,
Still environmentalists think that this is a win win.

China and India have both been excused,
New religious nuts are not in the least bit amused,
Kyoto protocol international religion soon,
They want us all to join, maybe before June.

Their climate change conferences are always a success,
To impress us all that we are in great distress,
And unless we join up the world could come to an end,
But their religion can save us if you comprehend.

Americans refused the mandatory ceilings,
Left the environmentalists shattered and reeling,
But they hid all this plus our added global taxes,
Closed-door sessions and no outgoing faxes.

No referendums allowed because it’s a done deal,
Those who are in, are in because of religious appeal,
And we the people like a herd of sheep follow along,
Without referendums in lock step like we all belong.

Goody-two-shoe environmentalists will guide the way,
No need to mention the global taxes we’ll pay,
To help Swiss-account dictators somewhere over there,
In UN developing countries without delay.

While their journalists disguise their true agenda,
Gobbledegook words, wall to wall propaganda,
They’ve written a book of rules like any new religion,
We’ll obey these rules like any well trained pigeon.

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