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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The New Kyoto Rule Book

The New Kyoto Rule Book


James Bredin

The new Kyoto religious rule book is not strange,
The result of UN framework on climate change,
You will have to read it and our problems will be solved,
Though the Americans and Australians are not involved.

And India and China are allowed to walk free,
They’re considered developing nations, you see,
If your factory makes emissions and they’re told to stop,
They might move to China while your job gets the chop.

The seas could rise tomorrow and the sky might fall,
Small islands could disappear and leave nothing at all,
Therefore mandatory commitment from politicians,
And your total dedication regardless of conditions.

And your taxes might double for the climate change fund,
They need money and you’ll be overtaxed and stunned,
It’s for your own good though, to stop all this climate change,
Laid out in the new rule book and it’s all pre arranged.

Caged carbon $credits for Swiss-account dictators,
You will agree or be listed with other traitors,
And you probably think that none of this is true,
Please wake up because this is about to debut.

They need a spiritual commitment on you part,
Total dedication - body, soul, mind and heart,
Americans and Australians can sit back and look on,
Chretien trapped us on this board like a pompous little pawn.

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