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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Gang Member

The Gang Member


James Bredin

He grew up in a large ghetto of single mothers,
Fatherless boy with at least a thousand others,
Joined a large gang so that he could be strong and belong,
Because they were special above the ordinary throng.

In a jungle of socialist programs all on welfare,
That most ordinary people were hardly aware,
Where no one ever had a job or went to work,
It was fatherless babies increased welfare, you jerk.

Where the sound of gunshots could be frequently heard,
It meant nothing except to an outside officious nerd,
Because this is where his friends, the gang guys rule,
No photo ops here because itís not safe or cool.

And now those cops want to catch him and send him to jail,
For killing three people so he canít get no bail,
Itís not the cops he fears so much as the other gang,
He stood up for his own when his gun went bang bang.

And now he has respect and they pay attention to him,
Many single-mother girlfriends obey his every whim,
And cops canít prove a thing because dead guys donít talk,
Soft justice system and a lawyer and he just might walk.

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