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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty


James Bredin

They banned capital punishment a long time ago,
No referendum, no pride, no recall and you didnít even know,
So you didnít have to think if killers should live or die,
Even pedophile serial killers or terrorists who lie.

Goody-two-shoe left-wingers did it because they could,
It was not democracy and it was not the common good,
Then they allowed these killers out in fifteen years,
"Faint hope" clause they called it with crocodile tears.

Lethal injections seems the honorable way to go,
Itís painless so they say and they ought to know,
So instead of a hangman, we hire a guy with a needle,
With imam, minister, rabbi or priest from cathedral.

And make it retroactive for those who qualify,
That means those already in jail who think they disqualify,
And our hug-a-thug politicians will eventually change,
Or maybe theyíd prefer we use a firing range.

We could have a guillotine and on close circuit TV,
Hold up the severed heads for everyone to see,
A binding referendum to bring about some change,
Dump Trudeauís Charter and easy to arrange.

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