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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - The Adscam, Kyoto, Liberal Taxes

The Adscam, Kyoto, Liberal Taxes


James Bredin

We’re lucky with Liberals in opposition instead of jail,
Plus their soft-on-crime appointed judges give easy bail,
Their Youthful Offenders Act allows everyone to walk,
We’re not allowed to know names of terrorists or talk.

They hate the Americans for being what they are,
Ordinary people suspicious of the UN gone bizarre,
And not joining Kyoto like the Liberals did,
And Liberal left wing socialism they forbid.

These Kyoto Liberals are once again worked up,
They and their UN cohorts never never give up,
They have evidence that greenhouse gasses will kill us all,
And global Kyoto taxation will help when we fall.

Global warming is coming they say next Thursday week,
Their environmental pompous prophets are not meek,
And we better run and hide and maybe dig a hole,
But if we vote Liberal we could be on a roll.

They seem to think Alberta is not Liberal enough,
Province with too much oil and cash who think they’re tough,
Taxing Alberta greenhouse emissions would be great,
And in the Liberal way, this would not be up for debate.

So tax them into the ground for being so smug,
By taxing greenhouse emissions and pull out their rug,
So they better vote Liberal or its climate change for them,
Liberals have the statistics and they know how to condemn.

But their Kyoto taxation system could bury us all,
They’re busy in their leadership campaign till the fall,
So they now claim Kyoto is for future generations,
They just want control of their left-wing foundations.

We can trade emission allotments they say,
Not taxes, not dollars but allotments; would they betray?
We’re so lucky the adscam Kyoto Liberals are here,
And their blatant propaganda continues without fear,

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