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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 9

Terrorists 9


James Bredin

We didnít know much about multiculturalism then,
Far-off fancy phenomenon from Trudeauís pen,
We opened the doors and let those terrorists win,
Various cultures we thought would eventually fit in.

And now that our illusions have come home to roost,
Guided by left-wing CBC socialists to boot,
Pushed by tax-and-spend international bureaucrats,
Taking instructions from the UN and thatís that.

Then the Youthful Offenders Act from those we elected,
Actions shielded as though we had to be protected,
Because terrorists under eighteen canít be seen or known,
Another Liberal illusion that we should have thrown.

And Trudeauís Charter is still sacred to them all,
Canít change things - no way - not one bit - weíre still in stall,
Because international left-wing pundits like it this way,
And Quebec never signed it to this very day.

And incoming refugees still have their own strange culture,
Theyíre locked in and couldnít care about multiculture,
We canít build a wall like Israel to keep them out,
This is what political correctness is all about.

Mix in United Nations and partisan considerations,
Deny that there are immigration complications,
While politicians ponder how to buy their way out of this,
Using taxpayersí money as we move into the abyss.

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