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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 7

Terrorists 7


James Bredin

The road to hell is paved with good intentions,
Terrorists screaming Charter Rights, want exemptions,
Showed government multiculturalism may have failed,
Afraid to admit it even now as terrorists are bailed.

Terrorist Charter rights, trump everything they say,
Therefore they should be released from jail right away,
Because Trudeau wrote the Charter for "EVERYONE" around,
That means all communists, dictators or terrorists found.

But what happened to their planned left-wing Utopia?
Was it the fog of their multicultural myopia?
Itís hard to believe that Trudeau did it to us way back then,
As he wrote his Charter with his left-wing Liberal men.

And Supreme Court appointees donít have to think at all,
Job till theyíre seventy five though the country could fall,
National security not a core value, the lawyer screamed,
Itís human rights and Charter rights, they all gleamed.

And those who object to this are obviously racists,
They should be taken out and whipped, lets face it,
Lawyers and relatives deny they were involved,
They all have Charter rights so the matter is solved.

Therefore open the jail doors and let the terrorists out,
They want to meet with al-Qaeda friends and scout,
Check around to see if ammonium nitrate for sale,
With Trudeauís Charter of Rights thereís no need for bail.

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