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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 6

Terrorists 6


James Bredin

Multicultural mistakes returned to haunt us, my friend,
Though it took us thirty years to realize this trend,
Though monster bureaucracies defend and hesitate,
Correction by ammonium nitrate is hard to take.

Arrested terrorists of course have to find a reason,
False arrest, rotten cops or maybe itís just the season,
Terrorists born here, refuse to leave or say "Goodbye!"
How many buildings could have been blown sky high?

And in multiculturalism, thereís no need to change,
With Trudeauís Charter, nothing can be rearranged,
Theyíll scream "Racist!" if you even point a finger,
To the Human Rights Commission, youíll be put through the wringer.

Our left wing communist media is having a fit,
How did we goody-two-shoe types become the next hit?
Terrorists stuff like that just canít happen here,
But they didnít blow any place up yet so why all this fear?

And ten thousand more refugees waiting at the gate,
Going to their ghetto and theyíre already irate,
We canít build a wall because these terrorists are here,
And makers of these policies have very long careers.

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