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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 5

Terrorists 5


James Bredin

Ten million Ben Laden types enroute coming here,
But we already have terrorists on our frontier,
And they will have three or four burka-dressed ladies each,
To increase their population and eventually teach.

They are all part of our multicultural plans,
They have reams of left wing media and Liberal fans,
And no one can stop them because thatís how it is,
No questions, no answers, no suggestions and no quiz.

Because multiculturalism rules this land,
According to Trudeauís Charter, just like he planned,
Immigrants not required to adapt our ways,
No melting-pot policies and everything in a haze.

We are left with people whose loyalties are elsewhere?
Tell you to your face and you can go into despair,
And no one, absolutely no one, seems to have an answer,
As though we had caught some inoperable cancer.

Theyíve known about our multicultural programs for years,
Therefore they canít be turned back and they have no fears,
Massive ethnic minorities in immigration increase,
Four wives, brothers, fathers, mothers, aunts and a niece.

And in three years for the first time, they know how to vote,
And their left-wing politicians they elect or promote,
You may have got the impression that we had lost control,
When Liberals gave prisoners phones, votes and day parole.

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