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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 4

Terrorists 4


James Bredin

Liberal Adscam guys moved envelopes of money,
Thought they were in power forever and it was so funny,
They appointed many judges, they loved so much,
Produced a soft justice system completely out of touch.

The question is: how many Liberals should be in jail?
Put in there for years and years and never given bail,
But I forgot; they appointed judge and jury and much more,
Then gave the vote to prisoners so they too could score.

We are forbidden Senate confirmation questions,
No inquiries, queries, answers or suggestions,
And for those appointed judges; itís exactly the same,
We rarely if ever knew much more than their name.

But they say we have democracy every five years,
Five minutes, where less than half the people vote, it appears,
Add to that, mad multicultural and terrorist stuff,
More refugees arriving as if we havenít had enough.

We seem to be a country run form the United Nations,
Those of the Saddam oil-for-food scandal complications,
Where the UN General Assembly calls all the shots,
No nationalist feelings allowed but multicultural plots.

And if youíve read this far and youíre still not furious,
You might wonder why youíre not allowed to be curious,
Because Trudeauís Charter was for "EVERYONE" on earth,
No Quebec signature, property rights and not much mirth.

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