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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 3

Terrorists 3


James Bredin

Those into multiculturalism are now in deep denial,
They’re watching closely this upcoming terrorist trial,
No melting-pot policies in their Trudeau Charter soup,
People should stay out of the sacred terrorists’ loop.

Multiculturalism allows them to be different,
Canadians will just have to stay aloof and indifferent,
Policies of ethnic diversity encased in law,
No way the left-wingers will back down or even withdraw.

Unfortunately our politicians too seem hardly aware,
Trained in multiculturalism so they hardly care,
Canadian culture itself may or may not exist,
Charter for "Everyone", therefore we may have been missed.

The terrorists of course deny all knowledge of this,
It’s the cops, they claim, and they’re full lies and piss,
The terrorists all want to be released from jail,
With white skull caps they can’t fail to get easy bail.

The Liberals all want to loosen up Immigration laws,
Just like the Youthful Offenders Act - all flawed,
They’re worried about their multicultural programs
Vast useless bureaucracies for more pompous adscams.

They fear their useless social programs might be lost,
And multiculturalism might be thrown out and tossed,
They love their creed of diversity where terrorists hide,
Wouldn’t want to revert back to the old melting-pot slide.

Should the burka be considered a safety hazard?
Talking on a cell phone driving a car in a blizzard,
Should incoming immigrants who can’t adapt, go back?
Or stay here, build bombs, in their multicultural pack?

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