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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Terrorists 2

Terrorists 2


James Bredin

Americans use immigration melting-pot theory,
Our left-wing media hates this or are very leery,
Imposed multiculturalism and Canadians trapped,
Means incoming immigrants donít ever have to adapt.

Forced fed multiculturalism since Trudeauís time,
By this left-wing media who said his Charter was fine,
For "Everyone" in the world including Ben Ladenís friends,
Terrorists and refugees with their strange names and trends.

Weíre over in Afghanistan trying to put things right,
Thousands of them are over here trying to give us a fright,
It seems we let them in because we are so nice,
Exploding ammonium nitrate could have been the price.

Will national interests or multiculturalism win this fight?
While bearded refugees and terrorists claim Charter Rights,
Besides they mostly claim to have been born here,
No-name young offenders too with bomb making stuff, I fear.

Immigration without integration coming back to haunt,
Itís multiculturalism in your face that they flaunt,
We have to be tolerant of their strange beliefs,
Blind, dead, deaf and dumb wrapped up in Maple Leafs.

The weakness of our system is that we donít have to vote,
Barely half the people do and the rest of us stay remote,
Politicians take advantage of ethnic diversity,
No referendums or recall but refugees and perversity.

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