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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Suicide-bomber death for the UN

Suicide-bomber death for the UN


James Bredin

Pompous politicians tend to pretend that they’re right,
When without a battlefield there’s no enemy in sight,
Where peace keeping and peace making makes no sense,
When we’re the enemy and suicide is their defense.

They can kill many men with one suicide bomber deranged,
Cowardly fanatical but the rules of engagement have changed,
Therefore peace making doesn’t cut it and we’re sitting ducks,
We’re dead or observers as in the Rwanda crux.

No uniforms in Afghanistan so killers are not known,
And suicide bombers approach completely alone,
Therefore peacekeeping in these places should be reassessed,
Only the UN would consider this type operation blessed.

As they pompously proclaim their sorrow for the dead,
They want more and the number should always be ahead,
Our UN is difficult to believe but this is true,
Like hitting your head on a wall till you’ve turned blue.

It takes guts to do this and even tougher to admit,
Before another dozen soldiers get the suicide hit,
There is no peace keeping and very little debating,
No enemy battlefield and suicide guys waiting.

Will we retire from peacekeeping or even the UN?
Or continue counting our suicide-bomber dead men?
Do we have referendums or recall or what do you think?
Can we impress the powers that be and will they blink?

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