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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Soft Justice and Publication Bans

Soft Justice and Publication Bans


James Bredin

Canadian courts like to impose publication bans,
No one knows why but they do it because they can,
Sometimes itís information and sometimes itís names,
Truly totalitarian in terrorist times -- these games.

The freedom of the press means nothing, they persist,
Because the publicís right to know doesnít exist,
Even bail hearing for terrible terrorist or gang guys,
The public canít know all the names, the truth or the lies.

So free speech and freedom of the press disappear,
As we struggle blindly onward in apprehension and fears,
No excuses, no reasons and please no remarks,
Something like the systems of Stalin, Lenin and Marx.

Soft on crime and in rehabilitation in a big way,
Allow criminals easy time in jail - maybe a day,
As judges wallow in their own importance up high,
And a mere comment might only get you a sigh.

Appointees full of their own importance without fail,
Dispensing kid glove treatment and easy bail,
To terrorists, murderers, killers and shooters,
Knifers and stalkers and rapists and looters.

And thereís no way to change the system my friend,
Amid wishy washy politicians and left wing trends,
And when criminals walk out just like free men,
Judges should do the same time in the pen.

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