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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Peacekeepers to AIDS infected place

Peacekeepers to AIDS infected place


James Bredin

Conspiracies of silence and indifference out there,
Hammered in by reality genocide and despair,
As international goody-two-shoe socialists howl,
African Union troops in Darfur have thrown in the towel.

Left-wing newspapers show the pictures every day,
The dead, the dying, the starving kids on display,
Places that are all members of the United Nations,
Still they point the finger and make more accusations.

As Sudan spirals downwards all the way to hell,
And in Darfur the dead bodies can cause an awful smell,
Where the history of their peace agreements mean nil
Though they live on humanitarian aid or starve still.

Does all this stuff make sense at the United Nations?
Where they say they donít want help but send large $donations,
Activists, petitions and marches and names wall to wall,
Want atrocities stopped when they march, scream and call.

But why send peacekeepers to an AIDS infected place,
Could this epidemic come home and slap us in the face?
But our goody-two-shoe politicians want to fix the world,
With their big UN peacekeeping flags unfurled.

I apologize if this has caused you to think,
That indeed this might be the next UN agenda stink,
No mention of the Saddam Oil for food scandal these days,
Or reference to the African Union peacekeeper phase.

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