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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Multicultural United Nations

Multicultural United Nations


James Bredin

Multiculturalism pushed whither we liked it or not,
So much for democracy which that was not,
Like Trudeauís Charter - done without a people vote,
No referendums and no recall - please take notes.

Itís a graphic reminder that the UN calls the shots,
And their UN multiculture will continue to be our lot,
No Canadian nationalist feelings will be allowed here,
Only Trudeauís Charter for "EVERYONE" it is feared.

And nothing can change here because itís forbidden,
Refugees and terrorists still here and so well hidden,
Media more concerned about human rights than security,
Terrorists love it and use it to hide in obscurity.

Our politicians at the UN have turned us into a basket case,
Still the socialist media say that this is no disgrace,
The names of the terrorists are too difficult to pronounce,
Then there are the five who canít be mentioned or announced.

Because they come under the Youthful Offenders Act,
Five criminals who are under eighteen and thatís a fact,
We canít know their names, what they did or who they are,
Young terrorists with a get-out-of-jail card which seems bizarre.

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