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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Melting Pot or Multiculturalism

Melting Pot or Multiculturalism


James Bredin

We never had patriots but loyalists galore,
Pre Charter, pre multiculture but not anymore,
Before terrorism, rampant crime and easy parole,
Before UN policies and the left wing took control.

Before ghettos of single mothers making many kids,
The mere mention of which, multiculturalism forbids,
And we of course were expected to behave and believe,
That our socialist politicians would never deceive.

Before under age criminals had their crimes hidden,
Because politicians had all this knowledge forbidden,
Because we were not worthy to know their names or crimes,
Though some may be terrorists in keeping with the times.

Ghetto nationalities tend to stay among their own,
Their own language, culture, dress even when kids are grown,
Dogma of political correctness says this is the way,
No Canadian melting pot no matter how long they stay.

And the people are bewildered and donít know what to do,
Pussyfooting politicians with decisions overdue,
No recall, no referendums but lots of Charter Rights,
Terrorist refugees on the incoming flights.

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