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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Locked into UN Agreement

Locked into UN Agreement


James Bredin

Their newspapers are social engineering on a grand scale,
Between advertisements bent bulletins in every detail,
They say we’re in league with the far out left-wing UN,
Pushing peacekeeping or war at the stroke of a pen.

This hidden agenda will sink us in their UN Ocean,
And we will obey because we don’t have another notion,
Without binding referendums or recall we have no say,
Bound by political correctness straight into the fray.

Discussed in caucus where not one man made a moan,
How many flag-draped coffins are on the way home?
Standing at attention and saluting dead guys these days,
Heroes in hearses with medals going to their graves.

The UN seems useless with their constant resolutions,
Diplomatic disasters without serious solutions,
International appointees pretend that they’re ahead,
Promoting peacekeeping as war will increase the dead.

UN Rwanda-type decisions got half a million killed,
Still the UN declared that their obligations were fulfilled,
Shades of WW1 where soldiers walked to their death,
Stuck in a UN peacekeeping play like ancient Macbeth.

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