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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Liberal Leadership Race

Liberal Leadership Race


James Bredin

Their Leadership race is gearing up and winding down,
For all those serious looking adscam Liberal clowns,
Each one committed to a far out left wing cause,
They’d like you to forget their criminal adscam flaws.

They like Trudeau-Chretien Charter with all those rights,
For all those terrorist refugees on the incoming flights,
And Ben Laden too if he comes and he just might,
Dressed in a long white sheet and he’s quite a sight.

Canadians sold down the river by this adscam crowd,
Environmental Kyoto Liberals who feel so proud,
Global taxation unless Stephen can stop them soon,
And our already sky high taxes will go zoom.

In the guise of human rights they pompously proceed,
While their real agenda is hidden carefully in greed,
Their dogma of political correctness has taken hold,
They know their way through the heat and the cold.

They just want to control all UN and world events,
You should follow them or you could be listed as malcontent,
And their soft-on-crime appointed judge know,
They’re good till seventy five with lots of dough.

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