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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Kyoto Donations -- Global Taxation

Kyoto Donations -- Global Taxation


James Bredin

Kyoto climate change is coming, starting next week,
Conspiracy of the crooked to dominate the meek,
We could burn from the heat or drown in the flood,
Hurricanes and property damage could turn us to mud.

Kyoto chaotic bureaucratic boondoggle stuff,
Which for adscam Chretien Liberals was never enough,
The next oil-for-food scandal but on a grander scale,
Hidden global Kyoto taxation fees will prevail.

Did a change in government mean anything at all?
Locked into this outlandish Kyoto Accord,
Taxed to the eyes and they couldn’t care less,
Plus GST which they won’t change or confess.

The Americans and Australians are not involved,
China and India excused and absolved,
But Canadians up to our necks in this UN stuff,
Tax and spend politicians deny that it’s rough.

They’ve got the graphs with lines pointing up to the roof,
Pump their propaganda on the Internet as proof,
Because mass extinctions happened many times before,
Therefore this is something you cannot just ignore.

And no one is allowed to dispute what we’ve been told,
Or talk about the bill of goods that we’ve been sold,
Pollution credit dollars to Swiss-account dictators,
And those who say it’s crooked cannot be debaters.

They’re going to meet again this year in Bonn,
To nail it down and make sure we don’t know what’s really on,
That our taxes could double or triple or more,
As we sit around and dream and don’t know the score.

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