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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Jungle Buildings

Jungle Buildings


James Bredin

These jungle welfare buildings all tend to be the same,
Single mothers whose kids have mostly different names,
Working the system and so politically correct,
No one would dare protest or show lack of respect.

Fathers or husbands are superfluous in these places,
It is babies and children, who support welfare cases,
Fatherless boys sometimes go to school in September,
But eventually theyíre inclined to become gang members.

And daughters who grow up in this welfare situation,
Isolated from reality and know no other vocation,
And those in their weird world never need to go to work,
And to get married or get a job would surely be berserk.

And the welfare workers are all part of the scheme,
Because they control this world and their welfare regime,
They complain about bureaucratic case overload,
But they hide welfare statistics like a secret code.

Socialist culture of welfare has to be maintained,
While referendums are banned and weíre so restrained,
Democracy beaten down and recall never discussed,
Canít voice your anger or show the slightest disgust.

And donít you dare complain because thatís not right,
The status quo stays and you should always be polite,
While weíre taxed to the eyes and we donít know why,
Itís politically correct buildings high as the sky

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