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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Gay Priests

Gay Priests


James Bredin

Two homo pedophile priests met one Sunday after mass,
They forgave each other for all the sins in their past,
In case they died, they could then go straight to heaven,
Because all their pedophile sins had now been forgiven.

They preached the gospel each Sunday in their fancy gowns,
In vestments down to the ground that would make you frown,
In this pompous pedophile priest fancy disguise,
The faithful still believed but they were not all that wise.

The cardinals, arch bishops and bishops all agreed,
They’re going to sit down and talk about this and see,
But in the meantime they had to protect pedophile brothers,
This old boys club looked after themselves and no others.

Assigned from one parish to another to hide his crimes,
Pedophile homosexual priests con job of all times,
Inside their conspiracies to remain in isolation,
Preach about god and Jesus and their pious salvation.

The biggest con job since the beginning of time,
This colossal sacrilegious offensive sin and crime,
Against innocent children this priestly aristocracy,
Noble standards of pompous hypocrisy.

At what point will justice be done or seem to be done?
When will they cancel celibacy or ordain a nun?
Time you went to confession and recited all your sins,
Watch to see if a pedophile priests smiles or grins.

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