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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Forgive all 3rd World Debts

Forgive all 3rd World Debts


James Bredin

Are we a country suffering from dementia or worse?
Kicked down with Kyoto and the other same-sex-stuff curse?
Voters bought with their own money by a political group,
Going around and around and around like a great big hoop.

We are expected to bow and smile as they forgive foreign debt,
And tax and spend and travel more - how much can we forget?
And countries that are now debt free; can go out and borrow more,
No one asked our permission and we don’t seem to know the score.

And if these debts can be cancelled once, can they be cancelled twice?
Or maybe three times or four times and what’s the eventual price?
Did anyone ask these questions or will they wait till we forget?
And what about Mr. Mugabe of Zimbabwe’s foreign debt?

Are we controlled by an international socialist agenda?
Do what we’re told as we listen to communist propaganda?
Does two and two make four any more or have we all forgotten?
That stuff like this that smells quite bad is usually quite rotten.

But we the people are never never asked what we think,
Decisions made at a G8 meeting with a nod and a wink,
By isolated mandarins as they strut their stuff,
And then their propaganda editors say it was never enough.

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