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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Death, democracy, the UN and you

Death, democracy, the UN and you


James Bredin

We are all locked in time together just passing through,
The rich, the poor, the strong, the dour even those with tattoos,
The pompous, the pious, some still searching for a prophet,
Still others are on the side trying to make a profit.

We are all very equal in that we are bound to die,
Regardless of our religions that some still deny,
The powerful and powerless are the same when itís over,
But how to improve things before weíre pushing up clover?

Democracy might work except itís what dictator hate,
They want to stay in power and never never debate,
Though the United Nations tends to cater to this group,
While the rest of the world is left out of their loop.

It doesnít matter the size or shape of your tomb,
There is no coming back to admire it or resume,
Even clever dictators will eventually die,
Democracy may be nice but how do we apply?

If the UN cannot change things, should they be shut down?
Like Saddamís oil-for-food scandal - no longer around,
Global taxation introduced in the Kyoto Accord,
Send money to dictators and democracy ignored.

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