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The Web Poetry Corner - James Bredin - Da Vinci Code and the Bible

Da Vinci Code and the Bible


James Bredin

Who has the correct version of the bible these days?
Who wrote it, in what language and why the nightmare?
And does it matter or does anyone really care?
Are those who saw Da Vinci Code movie in despair?

Was Mary Magdalene a hooker or did they malign?
Did they change that claim back in nineteen sixty nine?
And if they changed things; how much more did they change?
How much of the bible is fiction and how much was arranged?

Which version is true because Iím very concerned?
Battles were fought about this and many martyrs burned,
Could this changed bible issue be much bigger than it seems?
The Holy See has never condoned Gnostic regimes.

Did someone say they were going to burn that book?
Inquisition reorganized to investigate and look,
Itís the Internet that caused it - too much secular stuff,
Women want to be priests now and the church has had enough.

The congregation doesnít go to church much any more,
Is it the pedophile priests we hear about by the score?
Is this good or is it bad; should we be happy or sad?
Should we send missionaries to Darfur and Chad?

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